Quote of the week — 2 Comments

  1. i miss eileen george very much kissing her hand,looking at her face graced by heaven, hearing her talks from the lips of God always gave me strength. she never watered down our faith .she was never afraid to speak the truth and was the best advocate i ever saw or heard when it concerns our dear DADDY GOD , JESUS AND OUR LADY. unfortunately, from the pulpit these days, we get pablem, disconnected streams of consciousness, and very little about Jesus. From the parishioners, we get non stop ringing of cell phones and actual talking during mass on those phones and during the consecration without correction. The understanding of the holy eucharist seems lost at mass when it should be awesome and profound at all times.

    • Eileen would say to pray for yor priests, don’t criticize. Love the with your prayer and kindness.