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  1. Ok tried continuously to receive a news letter! And to ask for prayers for my daughter! I loved Eileen , and saw many of her miracles from God!

  2. Please ask Eileen , since you were a friend! To pray for my daughter Gianna and my family. Eileen in heaven will remember, she helped me when I was a young girl! Gianna Maria Furia, conversion and healed from addiction.

  3. Please ask Eileen to pray for my daughter Gianna. Please ask a close friend or family member. I need a miracle for her to heal from addiction. I met Eilleen many years ago at the same age my daughter is now. She truly was blessed by God and I wish she was alive today.

  4. Eileen said she would not publish one book until after her death. Do you know what happend to that book?

    • She did say that there will be a book published after her death. We do not currently have the book. In God’s time it will be published.

  5. 27 years ago, on June 15,16 & 17,1992 I attended a three day; parish mission given by Eileen. On the first night, she stood directly in front of me and had a word of knowledge for me. She said that God was going to totally and completely heal my liver. On the second night, I was sitting in another spot in the church. and that night she walked down the main aisle till she got to my pew and proceeded, word for word, to give me the same word of knowledge. As I was only 41 years old at the time, with no liver problems, I became a little concerned about something bad developing in my liver. Fast forward 27 years, I recently was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer that has spread to the liver, among other organs and bones. Perhaps now is the time for Eileen’s word of knowledge to be fulfilled. I have many people praying the intercessory prayer for her cause for sainthood on my behalf. If all goes well, I will be arranging a trip to visit her grave on Thursday, June 27, 2019. If anyone feels inclined, please join in praying the intercessory prayer for Anna’s healing from cancer. I have not begun and treatments yet, so a healing would be a true miracle.

    • Anna gave this prayer to others, and asked for intercession, praying daily for your miracle!

  6. I should be there at Eileen’s grave tomorrow between 10:30 and 11:00 if anyone would like to join me and my family.

    • Please ask Eileen to pray for a child and her family , she was harmed and family is trying to save her . God bless Eileen’s family! She was a wonderful woman, I am thankful for her prayers, throughout my life.

      • I feel like it was miraculous that you replied to this message about a child that was harmed, and got it before you went to Eileen’s grave. This means so much to my husband and I. I thank you Anna and will continually pray for you. I hope Eileen intercedes for you. And I know that she is interceding for Lily, because it was not by chance that I saw this message today. Someday, I will share the divine intervention of Eileen in my life, if you want you can email me at joegee9302@ yahoo.comI will tell you. I will forever love Eileen. And I will pray nonstop for your miracle.

    • Just want to let you know, that since I posted, complete peace has overcome me where fear was, I truly believe that Eileen is interceding for me and my family. As I share the news of this divine intervention, people’s faiths are restored. I believe that Eileen is intervening, and I am so thankful! Thank God!

  7. It was wonderful to visit her grave site today and be able to pray for my intentions and also those who asked me to pray on their behalf. Please know that this child is being remembered.

      • Please pray to Eileen, for my grand daughter. I do need a miracle. Please Eileen let this man, not be her father. Please save this child and her family from evil. Please ask Jesus, Mary and Saint Michael to surround us.

  8. I was healed by Eileen in 1993, just as she said it would happen.
    I will love her and her works forever. I only hope I am living a good life in honor of her miracles.