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Talk and Prayers for Healing — 17 Comments

  1. It is too bad you couldn’t live broadcast these healing services so people around the world could watch and maybe receive as well.

    • Brilliant idea live broadcast Father Jay right from Holy Ghosy Church than the world could tune into your service

  2. I recall the night I met Eileen George; the night of repentance and reconciliation in Las Vegas with Bishop Joseph Pepe and everyone that attended my life changed forever! I want to hear of all the miraculous transformation taking place. I am a living example of Eileen George transformation through the intercession of our Blessed Virgin Mary and Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  3. I am Irene, wife of Keen and Grandmother. I met Eileen George the night of repentance and reconciliation in Las Vegas Nevada. Joseph Pepe was among those celebrating confession at St. Elizabeth Ann Seaton. I am a Mother of (4) daughters, 4 Son-in-Laws, 6 grandchildren. Our Virgin Mother Mary has been with me as I walk forward toward Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  4. Dear Fr. Jay Finelli,
    My daughter in law’s father get prostate cancer.
    He’ll get surgery on April.
    His name is Choi Daegun Andrew.
    Daegun Andrew, Kim was first priest in Korea who is Martyr.
    Eileen George met in korea when she was very sick before big healing service.
    Please pray for him by Eileen’s prayer.
    Love in Christ!

  5. would you please pray for my daughter’s unborn child..there is a problem with its umbilical chord.
    thank you!

  6. i pray to my dearest friend eileen and ask her for a miracle. of healing fell down stairs fractured spine multiple places and tore major shoulder tendons. i have her picture on my wall at home. im sure injuries would have been worse without her intervention. a trusted associate that worked for me for 15 years betrayed me and caused the loss of my business. I pray for eileen’s intervention i miss her laughter and smiles and beautiful stories and preaching. what a beautiful gift from God.

  7. Fr Jay Finelli,
    Please add my mother Rita Spratt to your prayer to Eileen. She has macular degeneration and is legally blind. The worse part is the Hallucinations that come with it. It blocks the little sight she has. She is 103 and has always been faithful to our church in all ways. I printed out the prayer to Eileen for her help as well. Thank you

  8. dear fr finelli please ask for intercesion eileen george for healing for me and sister patty