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Eileen needs miracles! Will you help? — 2 Comments

  1. please pray for me. have terrible eye infection left eye since may 1 and have been to 2 doctors. first dr useless. second dr removed cyst from eyelid and was poking around eye with a stick of sorts and now my vision is substantially decreased and blurry please eileen may i be one of your miracles. please ask DADDY GOD TO RESTORE MY VISION I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU VERY MUCH–YOUR TALKS, YOUR KISS YOUR PRESENCE ,PRAYERS — A GREAT GIFT FROM GOD i will pray for 2 priests who are very sick. God bless them and heal them quickly

  2. this testament is accurate and true! my Mother passed 18 yrs.ago but her death wasn’t one that she fought! she surrendered and spoke about meeting Jesus! she asked if i would lay her away in beautiful attire! Jesus was having a reception with all her loved ones in attendance.Mom was diagnosed with brain tumors and lived for 3 mos. each day was spent holding her rosary waiting on God to call her name! i totally lost it when she left! for 2 yrs. i questioned priest,read books, said novenas,was mad as hell at God,brothers and sisters and phsyiologist body and brain shut down.for 2 yrs. i laid on my daughters couch and watched the clock tick off minutes and hrs, not knowing what day it was. just knew it was day and night! my sister called me and said a friend of mine, who i haven’t seen in 20yrs. wanted me to go with her and my sister to see this woman EILEEN GEORGE at Padre Pio’s Church in N.J. Well i began to make excuses but my friend was persistant and said she might have something to tell me about Mom! with that i was all ears! we were in the car driving to the church chit chatting about old times in between tears. somehow we got to talking about Jesus and i said Did you know that Jesus was a Good Dancer!! well she laughed it off as did my sister. she asked “How do you know Jesus likes to dance”? thinking she had a gotcha moment! well, I said, I saw a movie of him dancing at the reception,you know the marriage feast of Cannon! Jesus was doing a celebratory dance and he was really good! both sister and friend had a good laugh at my seriousness! now we are at the church waiting on Eileen! i looked around at the crowd and saw one girl with her dog! immediately, i thought this was a little weird ! plus i was getting impatient waiting what seemed so long! finally, there she was! as she made it up to the pulpit,she was seated in a wheel chair with a microphone! Eileen claims she for the first time, had nothing prepared, UNTILL she entered the church. She began talking about the conversation the three of us had in the car about Jesus and how he would dance with her too! my sister and girlfriends mouth were wide open in disbelief! my girlfriend could not believe that Eileen confirmed my view! JESUS IS A GOOD DANCER! when it was time to leave, i thanked Eileen for her beautiful words and the message she relayed to me from Mom! her eyes twinkled and her smile was like a half moon knowing she cured a broken woman and saved her from plunging into the grips of Satin! life became more meaningful, i still cry, but they are tears of joy! i know Our Lord is making good on his promise and Mom is no longer in a sick body or soul! Thanks to Eileen and her Love of Jesus, the world will never stop saying his name! Jesus is patient and He waits for us all ! he waited 52yrs. for me! Eileen has touched many hearts, i’m just one of them!