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My friend, Eileen George — 4 Comments

  1. please ask eileen for a miracle for me have covid am seriously ill i pray to eileen for her quick intervention as im sinking fast nothing seems to help thankyou

  2. i witnessed some many miracles when she was alive, in 1992 , i actually know she bilocated to St Agnes hospital to visit a dying priest. She actually came to my moms room. I miss her, i hope she helps my little grand daughter. i know that this podcast coming to my email, is miraculous, because i was thinking of Eileen all weekend. May she heal you father, i will pray to her for your healing. She interceded fir my mom , in 1990. Miraculous rises sent to my moms death bed, as my mom and i smelled her roses everytime we saw her. Please Eileen intercede fior my little Lily, our court is January 26. Free a child forever from a monster.