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Eileen mentioned in homily on EWTN — 5 Comments

  1. The oder of sanctity ascribed to Eileen by Father in his homily was wonderful to experience and a great testament to Eileen’s love of Jesus Christ…
    Her self-scrificing love of God and neighbor was a great example of Christian holiness and I reflect on in my faith journey.
    I love you Eileen…and miss you.

  2. When I first saw Eileen at Stella Maris parish in Philadelphia, i could smell an aroma of Roses. Not everyone smelled it. When I met with her in 1990 in St Paul’s church, rectory, the aroma was overpowering, and followed me into my car! She was truly a Blessed woman, snd i can attest ti so many miracles, especially the recent intervention for a small child who was harmed. Thank you Eileen for coming into my life! ❤️ There i was a time I smelled that scent, in a hospital in 1992, and to my amazement, Eileen was visiting a dying priest, and I saw her in the hallway! So many miraculous signs! someone should document these!

  3. And it begins…..May 14th is around the corner Her Fifth Year in Heaven Anniversary, now allowed to open Her official cause for canonization. Love You Saint Eileen with all my heart ❤️