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Eileen’s Retreats — 4 Comments

  1. Good morning Father,
    If I recall correctly, there was a man who attended Eileen’s Malvern retreats. Elderly man who got around with some difficulty using a walker. (I want suggest his first name is Paul, but not sure) He recorded all her talks, storing his recording equipment in the seat so he always had it with him. I do believe he ventured down with Eileen from New England for her retreats and may have even driven a Eileen a few times when his health permitted. First name basis with Eileen; they were friends. If I recall, his passing was in the mid teens (2015-2017?). Perhaps someone recalls his name. His family may have kept the recordings.

  2. Father…ruminating on this a bit…perhaps the fellow’s name is Bill Splain (sp?).
    Perhaps you met him as he was a solid regular at Eileen’s retreats.
    Still not sure as it’s been awhile ..but it sounds right.

    • We have all of Bill’s recordings. He did them for Eileen. However, a few of our copies are not up to par and we need to have everything in order. Thank you!

      • Ok, thanks for tying off Father.
        Best wishes as you prepare things…