Throughout the history of salvation, God has chosen ordinary people to show His love to the world. These people have been given extraordinary gifts to assist in their God given mission. In our times, so wrapped in confusion and uncertainty, the Lord has done just that. He has raised up a woman, a wife, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother.

Eileen George was a woman with many exceptional supernatural gifts and a unique mission from God. Her mission flowed from her unique relationship with God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Eileen’s spiritual director stated: “Eileen knows heaven as we know earth.”

Eileen GeorgeExtraordinary gifts of inspired preaching, healing, prophecy and knowledge were just a few of the many supernatural graces that the Father bestowed upon Eileen to lead His people back, or deeper into the life of the Sacraments. The power of her preaching moved full churches to receive the Sacrament of Penance with many Priests performing the Sacrament for long hours.

One of the remarkable things about Eileen was that despite her many supernatural gifts, she remained an ordinary woman with a great sense of humor. It is to this woman that the Lord entrusted Meet-the-Father Ministry.

The Meet-the-Father Ministry took Eileen and her teaching throughout the United States, Canada, Italy, Germany, South Korea, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Aruba, the Dutch West Indies, the Republic of China, Guam, North Korea, China, Brazil, Nigeria, Uganda, and more.

People often asked if Eileen George was trustworthy. “Is her ministry in accord with the Catholic Church”, “Is she real or a fake?” Throughout the history of the Church God has raised up men and women with extraordinary gifts, charisms, and radical love for God to lead a renewal within the whole of the Church. Men and women like Theresa of Avila, John of the Cross, Francis & Claire of Assisi and Catherine of Siena were sent to the Church of their times to lead the way. Each of these people were rejected, and were considered extremes until they were discerned by the Church. These men and women, although very unique individuals, have a common thread that weaves throughout their lives. First, they were people of deep faith, who lived on the grace of a strong Sacramental life. Second, they were in complete submission to the Church. Third, they were unfailingly united to the successor of St. Peter – the Pope.

The same traits were found in Eileen George. She was a woman of deep faith. Her whole life was centered on Jesus Christ and the road to holiness. Eileen had a deep love for the Sacramental life. In her own words, “I could not live one day without receiving the lover of my soul in Holy Communion.”

Eileen’s ministry is in complete submission to the Church. Through the years, Eileen’s spiritual life was guided by a Trappist Monk, and her ministry directed by the monk, an Archbishop, and several priests. All of Eileen’s books and video tapes were scrutinized by the board of directors before they were released to the public. Eileen’s teaching and healing ministry began through the direct intervention of the Bishop of Worcester, and continued under his guidance. All of Eileen’s services, conferences and retreats were only accepted after she received a letter of permission from the Bishop of the diocese that she entered.

Eileen’s ministry was praised and welcomed by Bishops and Cardinals from around the country and the world.

Eileen entered eternal life on 14 May 2017.

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