The purposes for which the Meet-the-Father Ministry was formed is as follows:

  1. to make known God the Father in accordance with Roman Catholic teaching.
  2. To promote this purpose by sponsoring conferences, workshops, services and productions in any medium: printing, tapes, audio visual, films, motion picture films, television, etc.
  3. To receive by gift, bequest, devise or otherwise acquire, maintain and dispose of a fund or funds of real or personal property or both, and to apply the income therefrom and the principal thereof exclusively for the above purposes by such agencies and means as may from time to time be found appropriate therefor in pursuance of such purposes.
  4. To pursue the above purposes in accordance with the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church, and in accord with the law and discipline of the Roman Catholic Church and of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Worcester.

In addition to the original purpose of foundation, we will also:

  1. Continue to make known the teachings and mission of Eileen George, founder of MtFM.
  2. Seek to promote the virtuous life and holiness of Eileen George seeing her eventual recognition through, Canonical process, of her life of virtue and holiness by the Roman Catholic Church.

We will gratefully accept the prayerful, moral, financial, and volunteer assistance of all who would like to assist us in this purpose.