Meet-the-Father Ministry is sustainable by your tax deductible contributions. If not for the offerings of generous people, this ministry will cease to exist.

To continue to spread the message and teaching of Eileen George is a monumental project. Our supply of books is almost completely depleted, and will require a complete new typesetting for modern printing, and digital distribution. Each book costs several thousand dollars to produce. Future books will also take a great deal of effort and funds. We have hundreds, if not thousands of cassettes and VHS that are currently being converted through the dedication and hard work of several volunteers. To reproduce these items will also take significant backing. Tapes and videos are also being transcribed. All of this is being done by volunteers who work in their spare time. We appreciate both your financial and prayerful support.

If you would like to help MtFM continue it’s work, please send your tax deductible donations to “Meet-the-Father Ministry.” We accept donations however great or small.

We are now able to accept online donations by filling out the form below.

Meet-the-Father Ministry, Inc.